Windchime's - MINI SET of 4
Windchime's - MINI SET of 4

Windchime's - MINI SET of 4

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Get the full Windchime's sun and moon cycle in clear, tiny cuteness! Collect all 4 mini versions of the Windchime Sticker set which can be placed on many surfaces for a soft color accent!

9/2022 New version: The clear areas of the sticker are  less transparent than previously, and the edges of the sticker are clear instead of white!

  • 1x  1.8" Dawn Windchime Vinyl Sticker

  • 1x  1.8" Day Windchime Vinyl Sticker

  • 1x  1.8" Dusk Windchime Vinyl Sticker

  • 1x  1.8" Night Windchime Vinyl Sticker

  • Semi Transparent Vinyl Matte Weatherproof Removable

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